Empanadas Huntington – A brief history

Empanadas Huntington – A brief history

The fan favorite Empanadas Huntington serves.

We thought we’d explore the origin of this dish for those interested in it’s history. Empanadas Huntington devours have a unique history.

The history of empanadas begins in ancient times. Empanadas are derived from samosas. These are Middle Eastern and Indian pastries made with a meat or vegetable filling in a fried pastry. It is believed that other similar pastries like Italian calzones are also derived from them.

But the real history of empanadas begins in Portugal. With Portugal’s trade in the Mediterranean, the pastries made their way over into Europe. When Spanish and Portuguese colonists settled in the Americas in the 1500s, they brought the pastries with them. Finally, empanadas Huntington loves were brought to American shores.

In Argentina, empanadas vary widely in bread type and filling. Different provinces make them with chicken, beef and all kinds of fillings. Shops specialize in certain types of empanadas depending on the region.

With many Latino Americans immigrating to the United States in the 20th century, including Cafe Buenos Aires owner Hugo Garcia, Latin American cuisine has become more and more popular. And as we know, Huntington residents love our empanadas!